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Reasons Why Some Cats Eat Mice

24 January 2019 By Indah NW

Dome cat owners may be wondering why their beloved pet feline loves to eat mice, even if they have provided it with a bowl filled with commercial cat food. They could look into the cat's ancestry, bio… Continue Reading

What Is Dog Separatuion Anxiety And How To Reduce It

24 January 2019 By Galih A

This problem is seen quite often in shelter dogs. I am dealing with this issue as a dog that I just adopted from a shelter has separation anxiety. If the problem is not treated or worked on it can lea… Continue Reading

Just How Smart Is A Cat?

23 January 2019 By Galih A

Of all the pet animals, the cat is perhaps the fastest learner due to its ability to get and retain information to find a solution to problems. When an adult cat is placed in a room which it has never… Continue Reading

Physical Activities For Dogs

23 January 2019 By Galih A

Everyone wants their pets to be fit and healthy. As wonderful as dogs can be, they are famous for missing the point. Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. There are many games an… Continue Reading

Why Your Cat Is Even More Interesting Than You Knew

22 January 2019 By Indah NW

Since cats are so adorable, they can brighten up your day with their funny antics. At times, they do some strange things that only a cat can imagine, and you will never figure out what they are thinki… Continue Reading

Dog Walking Etiquette

22 January 2019 By Galih A

There is no guidebook or specific rules about how you should walk your dog. But similarly to how you should behave in a public setting, there is a dog walking etiquette. So here is a couple of things… Continue Reading

Your Cat Is Meowing Constantly – 7 Reasons Why

21 January 2019 By Galih A

Stress, old age or even hunger may make your cat exercise her vocal chords more frequently than you can handle. I know every cat owner have from time to time experienced excessive meowing from thei… Continue Reading

The Ultimate Guide For Dog Grooming Tips To Keep Your Dog Cool

21 January 2019 By Indah NW

Loving and caring for your dog is more than simply feeding them on time and giving them water to drink. A dog's body works differently than ours, and no two dogs have the same body type, just as human… Continue Reading

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