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Creatif Template

Creatif Template

Light Soft Creative Template  for your MODx site.  Wayfinder uses for menus and Ditto for the news.

Instructions for installing MODx template:

- Extract the .zip file
- Upload this folder to assets/templates/
- Create a new template in Elements → Manage Elements → Templates.
- Give the template the name of Creatif Template.
- Copy the contents of template.txt and paste to the field of new template.
- Open the "Chunks" tab (Manage Elements → Chunks), and click on the New Chunk link. As in creating a template, a form will be displayed with a few text fields and a textarea field. Give the chunk the name of NewsDittoTpl. Copy the contents of NewsDittoTpl.Chunk.txt and put In the Chunk code field. Then save it.
- Click on the New Chunk link again. Give the chunk the name of ServicesDittoTpl. Copy the contents of ServicesDittoTpl.Chunk.txt and put In the Chunk code field. Then save it.
- Apply the template to any/all pages and enjoy

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