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Breeding Lovebirds In A Colony Setting

29 January 2019 By Galih A

Breeding Lovebirds is a fun experience as well as a hobby for most bird keepers. If you are planning on breeding lovebirds then you have two choices, you can either breed them in small cages with indi… Continue Reading

Can Lovebirds And Budgies Live Together?

28 January 2019 By Indah NW

A lot of bird keepers who have one species of birds want to keep some other species along with their existing birds. Every species of birds has its own charm. Due to the limitations of excess cages th… Continue Reading

Eye Infection In Lovebirds – Causes And Treatment

28 January 2019 By Galih A

Lovebirds are one of the most favorite birds species kept worldwide as pets. They are stunningly beautiful and are very active birds. Anyone who visits a pet shop is amazed by their beauty and charm.… Continue Reading

Bird Feeding – A Big American Hobby

27 January 2019 By Galih A

Did you know that there are millions of Americans that feed wild birds on a regular basis? According to the Fish and Wildlife Service, there are 83 million Americans that feed wild birds for a variety… Continue Reading

Are You Keeping Your Birds And Other Pets Together?

26 January 2019 By Indah NW

When nature created a diversity of organisms, it made its own rules for predators and preys. Though both these elements of nature could co-exist in a single kind of environment, they possess some spec… Continue Reading