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Welcome to the world of MODx Templates!

Welcome to Modx Templates | Quality Website Modx Templates!
We provide free web templates for building a successful web business. Our Modx templates are completely customizable and ready for immediate download.
Professional website design solutions for web developers and webmasters such as top quality web templates for Modx CMS to help you create state of the art websites.
We at do our best to provide You with web templates design of premium quality.
Look what we have prepared a new templates for You:

Website Templates - is a ready design for your site, built on MODx. Site template - a set of graphic elements, of which build appearance of the web site.

MODx templates fairly easy to use and require no special skills to work with them, therefore, suitable for both beginner webmasters and professionals. In most cases, to work with a template site, requires only basic knowledge of HTML (coding). Knowledge of HTML required to fill the pages of your site content: add text, links, pictures, etc. Also, if necessary, may need basic skills in Adobe Photoshop (for example, if you want to make any global changes in the pattern or change the pattern of its own).

Templates sites are fairly widely used in creating web sites. MODx templates can be used to create a website of any complexity.

The advantage of templates MODx, compared with the order of the design studio, is that you can see in advance how your site looks. In addition, you significant savings, because manufacturing site by web-design is a lot of money. updated every day! Come again, there will be many new and interesting! See You later...